Integrating an electronic nose

What can an you do with an electronic nose?

An electronic nose is an environmental sensor chip that can be trained to detect specific smells or compounds in the air. Similar to how a dog can be trained to find things by smell.

Electronic nose training process

You may have seen demonstrations of using an electronic nose detect coffee, chesse or other foods. Making it work in an industrial or commercial setting will require significant investment to collect the data needed to train the AI.

There are many parameters that need to be taken into consideration. I can help you develop a plan and develop a system that can continue to learn and improve with usage.

About the electronic nose

We use an electronic nose based on the Bosch BME688 sensor. This sensor can measure humidity, air pressure, temperature, and air quality. It can also detect Volatile Organic Compounds in the air. Using Bosch software, the data for the device can be used to create an AI algorithm to detect specific compounds. This can be integrated into an environmental monitoring system.

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